Best cheapest & fastest Webhosting in India 2019

Web hosting is the Backbone of any website. Yes, if you choose wrong web hosting you never go to defeat your defender or competitor. Because web hosting doesn’t only mean to be the content hosting platform it is the management system. Yes, it gives you space speed strength uptime and many more. Here in this article, I discussed the cheap and best hosting solution. Resseler club, GoDaddy, Bluehost, Namecheap, Wpengine etc are some of the great hosting providers in the hosting Industry. I tell you what I personally use which is best and what u have to choose with a case study which gives you the way to choose the right hosting for your niche. You may check the response time of our homepage. You may also check the bulky page of our website with many images and content related to WhatsApp status. this page is also having smooth loading because of my right way of selecting a hosting provider.

Whenever I buy hosting plans I focus on the Response time and uptime. This two criterion is the must for any hosting to be eligible for the best hosting or say good hosting to take to be ranked on the first page of google. After these two criteria, we see the bandwidth and disk space. The next important one is SSD storage and support. Support time is of great essential because it will help you in every problem you face during hosting, migration and setup and in future for any problem related to hosting, uptime etc.

Now, let discuss the hosting company I personally recommend you to buy. Here is the list. Get offers using the banners and links:


  • Best seller
    Resseler Club
  • High discount
  • GoDaddy
  • Bluehost
Best seller
Resseler Club
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shared hosting

Types of Hosting:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Server
Dedicated server

1. Shared Hosting: Basically, shared hosting is a single server with multiple websites. It means the resource is utilized by multiple websites hosted on that server. In this type of hosting there is a limit to each customer to utilize the amount of resource. Shared hosting the cheapest form of hosting. This hosting is basically used by small blogs and websites. This type of hostings are cheaper with limitations and having slow server response time than other types of hostings.

2. Cloud Hosting: It is the new concept of hosting website not on physical Server but on cloud server this means your website going to use the resource from different cloud server instead of one physical server as in shared hosting. Cloud hosting gives you high speed, a good response type as site get a response from the nearest server to the destination from where your site is called for loading. For ex: If I accessing the site from the UK the cloud server in Uk will give response this minimizes the response time From the server end and make your site load fast.

3. VPS hosting: Virtual private server is the type of web hosting which is a combination of Shared hosting and dedicated hosting. It is a virtual server. In this type of hosting you will able to get root access and make changes in root files. This is a great hosting environment for hosting high-end websites and apps. In this type of hosting you have the full control over your hosting.VPS hosting is faster than cloud and shared hosting and this is the first choice for high volume websites. In this type of hosting you are renting a portion of the server, not entire server as we do in a dedicated server. This is a type of dedicated shared hosting. In this type of hosting we rent a small portion of the server at less cost for our specific work.

4. Dedicated server: In this type of hosting as the name indicate, we are going to take a full server or we say rent full server for our high end, high traffic website.This type of hosting give you the highest performance and stability at the highest speed. This also gives you full control and root access for your any work related to app management or website management. This is basically owned by large websites,organixation or group. This type of server is like you owned your own server but managed by the third-party company.

In future, I going to give You a case study and also going to specify every hosting packages which should you buy and why all answer you will get in the next few days stay tuned. Thanks for reading the article. If you want to buy any hosting packages please see the table and select the one which is best for you. I handpicked the best and cheapest packages possible which will give your content a boost.

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