Driving licence in India: LMV, LMV-NT, LMV-T, MCWG, HTV, HMV etc

In INDIA the Driving licence for any vehicle is provided by the RTO office of Individual States. In India, there are two types of licence a licence which is valid for a state or licence which is valid pan India. The minimum age should be 18 years to get a driving licence to drive any vehicle. But you get driving Licence for a 50cc motorcycle at a minimum age of 16 years of old as described on the RTO office. State Driving licence can be transferred to another state by giving application and filly form. Driving licence can also be pronounced as RTO licence. There is the variety of driving licence or RTO licence in India, for example, LL, MC50CC, MCW, MCWG, ARNT, LMV-NT, LMV-TR, MGV, MPV, HGV, HPV, HSV, HZRD, TR, RDRLR.In this post, we will discuss every type of licence and help you to get all of your questions answered and every of your doubt cleared.so read this article thoroughly to gain knowledge about Categories of Driving Licence in India. In India Driving Licence or RTO licence is divided into Four broad category Learner licence, two wheeler licences, Three/Four Wheeler licence & Heavy Vehicle Licence.


About LMV-NT Licence :

The full form of LMV-NT is Light Motor Vehicle – Non-Transport. LMV-NT is also pronounced as  LMV (n/t). This is the most common licence issued in INDIA to drive non-transport vehicles. Using this LMV-NT licence you can drive cars(SUV, sedan, mini, micro etc). But is 2017 supreme court ordered that LMV-NT licence holder can also drive taxis

About LMV-TR Licence :

Full Form of LMV-TR is Light Motor Vehicle—Transport.LMV-TR licence is for commercial purpose. This license is to drive commercial vehicle including taxis, auto rickshaw and other transport vehicles including light good vehicle like pickup etc.

About LMV Licence :

The Full Form of LMV is Light Motor Vehicle. This licence includes a commercial and personal vehicle like jeep, taxis, motorcars, delivery vans, pickup, rickshaw and other types of commercial and private vehicles. This is the flexible licence for drivers to drive for both purposes this is the widely issued licence for three and four vehicles.

About MC50CC :

The full form of MC50CC is Motorcycle with 50CC or less.this is the category of driving licence in INDIA which allows the licence holder to drive a motorbike of 50CC or less.the minimum age to get this license is 16 years of old. So, if you are teenagers you can grab this licence.

About MC EX50CC licence :

Full form of MC EX50CC is Motor Bikes with engine capacity more than 50CC. This is the upper version of MC50CC licence. This is the driving licence category which allows you to drive motorbikes of higher CC(cylinder capacity) i.e more than 50CC.

About MCWG or M/CYCL.WG :

Full Form of MCWG or M/CYCL.WG is Motorcycles with any engine capacity. This is the type of licence in which you can drive Motorcycle with any engine capacity including less than 50CC and more than 50CC. This driving licence includes the benefits of both MC50CC and MC EX50CC. This is the driving licence to drive any motorcycle with gear and you can also drive heavy bikes with gear anywhere in INDIAN territory.

About MCWOG Licence Category :

The Full Form of MCWOG is Motorcycle without Gear. This is the category of licence which allows you to drive motorbikes without gear i.e scooty and scooters moped etc. This licence category is only for non-gear motorbikes. you cannot drive motorbikes with the gear of any CC.

About ARNT:

Full Form of ARNT is Auto Rickshaw Non-Transport.This the licence to the person who drives auto rickshaw for non-transport purpose in the territory of India.

About ART :

Full Form of ART is Auto rickshaw Transport.This is the driving licence which allow to drive auto rickshaw for transport purpose auto pickup. auto taxis etc.

About MGV licence :

The full form of MGV is medium Good vehicle. This license is provided to drive medium good vehicle like the small pickup, mini truck and other medium category goods vehicles.

About MPV licence:

Full form of MPV is Medium Passenger Vehicle. This is the licence type for driving Medium loaded passenger vehicle like medium loaded bus and other medium loaded passenger vehicles.

About HGV licence category:

This is the licence given to drive heavy good vehicles like Big truck, and other heavy load vehicles. The full form of HGV is Heavy Good Vehicle. This type of licence is given after a test and other traffic-related papers.

About HPV category licence :

The full form of HPV is Heavy Passenger Vehicles. This the licence type for driving the big bus and other heavily loaded passenger vehicles. This licence is given after a specific test because the licence holder is responsible for the nos of peoples life. These licences are given to skill person.

About HTV Licence:

This licence is given to the person Who wants to drive both Heavy loaded passenger and good vehicles. This is the combination of HPV and HGV. This is given to the skilled driver after a test and training session in government qualified driving school. The full form of HTV is Heavy Transport Vehicle.

About HZRD licence:

The full form of HZRD licence is Heavy Transport Vehicle with Hazardous materials. This is the licence for driving a heavy loaded vehicle with hazardous material like chemical, petrol, kerosene and any other type of hazardous material. This is given after passing a traffic exam and Driving training.

About TR licence :

The Licence is given to drive the tractor. The full form of this licence is Tractor licence. This is basically taken by farmers and other farming farms.

About RDRLR:

This is the Road Roller licence mainly taken by road manufacturing company drivers and PWD department drivers. This is the rare licence taken by less no of persons.


Types of Driving licence in India based on the type of vehicles:

category of vehiclesLicence classLicence type
LLLearner Licence
two wheelersMCW (or) MCWOG
Motor Cycle Without Gear
Motor Cycle With Gear
three or four vehiclers


Auto Rickshaw Non Transport
Auto Rickshaw Transport
Light Motor Vehicle – Non Transport
Light Motor Vehicle – Transport
Heavy load and medium


Medium Goods Vehicle
Medium Passenger Vehicle
Heavy Good Vehicle
Heavy Passenger Vehicle
Heavy Transport Vehicle (Valid for Goods and Passenger Vehicles)
Heavy Transport Vehicle with Hazardous materials
Road Roller

NOTE: The lmvnt licence is given to non-transport vehicle for general and personal purpose whereas LMV-TR is for commercial purpose and LMV is for both the purpose.

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