FHX Server COC: FHX private server 2019(Latest)

Are you searching for COC private server then you are at right place. In this article, we will discuss the most trusted FHX CoC Private server. The FHx server is the oldest and most valuable private server of CoC. The FHx server was too old it was released within a few months after the COC released. Moreover, this FHx server provides unlimited Resources to play COC. A private server is a Machine which was administered privately by a person or an organisation. Here we are talking of Coc private server and the list is incomplete without FHx server.

What is private server?

In recent years private server gets great attention due to a large number of players and the High cost of in-game purchase. The private server provides an unlimited in-game resource or Limited resources depend on the server. Moreover, the private server is used for testing and modifying because this server has no limitation on modifying anything the developer wants. Some time user this server for testing the purchase they going to make in-game. They use this server for trying the Resource they getting after purchase in COC.

Moreover, this type of server gives unlimited gems, Elixir, Dark Elixir, Troops and many more unlimited resources. But this type of server does not allow you to connect with social media as you do in the original game. So, you can say that this FHX server does not allow you or help you in the original gameplay. This server is private and not having any connection with original COC. The private server gives the developer the freedom to modify the game and resources.

About FHX private server:

This is one of the most trusted and old private server working till date with unlimited features. The FHx server is a private clash of clans server on which you get unlimited resources. On this server, you get unlimited Gems, elixir, Dark elixir and many in-app purchases. However, most of the private server having bad response time and noisy environment. But this is not with FHx server.Moreover.this server give you a better environment for playing with great resource.

Download FHX Server APK:

TypePrivate server
Android supportv4.4 and above

This app Give frequent updates for better user experience.

Features of this private server:

Let discuss some features of FHx server. Read this before downloading the FHX server to get all the details about the server and all the benefit you get after downloading the server. This server is the best for playing the game in a private environment. So, this is best for users to get all the features known before download.

FHX server

Zero build time: Yes you can build anything in Sec. Moreover, you just have to click and your build will take place. If you played clash of clans build time takes hours to months depending on the level and resources you upgrading. sometimes build time is even irritating because it takes months. You did not face any such problem in FHx server. Moreover, you upgrade anything in free.
Unlimited Gold: When you want to upgrade your gameplay you have to use gold. As you go on in the game the game becomes more and more expensive because of gold. You need gold for every upgrade. Moreover, you have to spend a handsome amount to buy gold. If you do not want to spend your money all you need to use the FHx server. Here you get unlimited gold at no cost.
Unlimited Elixir: When you go for the fight you need elixir every time you send the troops. If you having the limited elixir or dark elixir then you have to face trouble with every wrong move. But if you using FHx server then there is no such problem you face. Moreover, you get unlimited elixir and dark elixir. So you can send unlimited troops in no time.
Unlimited Gems: When you need to boost troops, Barracks, Lab, Heroes you think again and again before boosting.Because gems are rare and not easily available. But no need to worry on FHx server you get unlimited gems. So you can boost your resources again and again.
Zero cost: Yes you do not need to buy any subscription or anything else for buying the resources and boosting the game. All are available for free in FHX server. You need not spend millions in the game just install and all done.
High Speed:
In comparison to Other private servers this FHx server provides high speed and a better experience for playing the game. So all you need to select the proper server and play the game without any restrictions.
Upgrade resources:
Even you can upgrade your troops, barracks, Huts and many more resource for free without paying any fee. Moreover, you can not have to spend too much time as you need to spend in the original game of Clash of clans.

ElixirUnlimited (10000000)
GemsUnlimited (10000000)
GoldUnlimited (10000000)
Dark ElixirUnlimited (10000000)
Root RequiresNo
Upgrade time0 sec
Server speedFast
TroopsUnlimited (10000000)

The best part of this FHx server you do not need to root your mobile to use this private server app.So you can easily download and use the unlimited FHx server for free and without worrying of rooting. This server is very simple to install and use without any modification to your android phone.

How to Use Install and Use FHx server?

  • 1. Firstly you have to download the .APK file from the net or the above link.
  • 2. Now you have to open unknown source option and install the app to your Android device.
  • 3. Now open clash of clans and Keep patience to connect to the FHx server. If it shows retry. Click on retry and wait. you will we connect to the private server in a while.

However, this server is private and allow a limited number of user at a time.so need to wait for the server response to connect you. If you face difficulty in connecting. Retry again and again for getting in the private server. But you nit face such difficulties while using FHx server. It’s so rare you face such type of server problem.

However,you seen the steps are too easy. you not need to root your android device.


At last Using the private server may be risky. So use at your own risk. If you want to get unlimited Resource at zero cost you may try this server. If you want to get any other Information related to FHx server to feel free to comment. Moreover, you can contact us. This type of server provides you with an unlimited resource. So you can easily use the free in-game purchase without buying or spending any penny. Thanks for reading the article.

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