LED nowadays are common and found in every day to day things like TV, microwave display, in clocks, in decorative lights, in smartphones, calculators & many more. Led is the two lead semiconductor. It is a p-n junction diode. It emits light when it is active. It is the most widely used electrical device nowadays. Led lights can be used for design lighting for decorating walls, shops, marriage lawn,in parties,etc.

Full form of Led :

  • L-Light
  • E-Emitting
  • D-Diode

Benefits of LED :

  • Led is energy Efficient-It save up to 85% of energy.
  • No heating issue-it does not heat up.so no loss in form of heating.
  • Led works on low power.
  • Led is a recyclable product which can be easily recycled and reused without any loss.
  • It is a low maintenance product, it does not need any special maintenance.
  • Shock proof-It is a shockproof product it does not pass electricity on its body.
  • long lasting-Led bulb and other item work life long or have minor defects.
  • Better picture quality and good pixel distribution. It gives us a cinema-quality picture at low energy consumption.
  • Environment Friendly-It does not contain mercury, cadmium or any heavy metal & it also reduces the carbon emission.
  • Sound proof-It does not produce any type of sound.
Full form of led

Led Bulb come in many powers.powers of led is counted in Watt.The watt of led bulb is from 0 watt to 1000s watt.Many country done free distribution of led bulb to replace cfl etc to reduce the overall energy consumption of country for environmental and other energy related problems.using of led street light reduce the overall consumption of a country like USA,INDIA etc up to 47%.

Full form of led is Light Emitting Diode. It is not having any other Full form. Nowadays Led watch comes which charge using solar power. This all increment in technology makes Led an integral part of human life.

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