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Icdrama, icdrama se is the best destination for watching and downloading latest Drama and tv shows for free. If you are a fan of watching drama and shows.you have listened to the name of icdrama. However, many times we do not have free time to watch drama and shows on time when they are aired live. Moreover, many times we want to watch the drama of other countries. So we search the web to watch drama and shows. Many of us directly search for icdrama website but due to some or other problems this site may we down or moved to a new URL. Latest link of icdrama is given below.

On Icdrama you can watch the drama of any country like Malaysia, UK, Korean drama, Japanese drama, Thailand drama and all the drama form any country you want to watch. Moreover, the best part of Ic drama is that you can watch the drama in high quality in Hd quality with fantastic sound quality. If you facing problem in finding the right Url of icdrama or you facing any problem. If you having any doubt related to icdrama then you are at right place. Here, you will all your answer and the working URL and links. We provide the link below. So go down and you will find the right link to visit the icdrama. Moreover, we regularly update the links and URL. So, you will get the right and working link all the time for an easy visit to Ic drama.

icdrama se

Watching Drama is the best method to get relax form day work. Due to the huge demand for dramas, there are many web series providers comes into existence like Netflix, amazon prime, Altbalaji, Hotstar and many others. However, they also provide drama but they charge subscription fees to watch the drama on their protocol. Moreover, Icdrama provides all the drama and shows for free. However, they host content of other channel and series provider on their site. Moreover, this site becomes the best resource to watch and download drama.

Features of icdrama

Every site having its pros and cons. Here I will tell you the features of icdrama. Moreover, it is the favourite site among drama lover. So let discuss some amazing features of icdrama. Firstly we will discuss the video quality. Icdrama having high-quality video support up to 4k. yes, you can watch drama and shows in 4k if the drama provider having this format of video with them. Secondly, regular update of content. This allows you to get updated drama and shows as soon as they are broadcasted or released. This site has a great UI means you can easily navigate through it. On ic drama, you will get all the content on the homepage even you will able to search your favourite shows and drama. Easy to sort and filter your favourite dramas in minutes using the amazing filters available on the icdrama website.

Latest link of Icdrama :

With time the link of icdrama will due to copyright infringement or sometimes due to other issues. Many time countries block these sites due to a loss in earning of drama and show makers. Due to the availability of these content on the third-party sites. Moreover, sometimes hosting providers block this site due to their policies and term & conditions. However, Google also blacklists this site to be shown on their search results because of copyrighted content hosted on their sites. Thatswhy, this site always change their URL. We provide you with the latest URL and update it with a change in the URL of the website i.e ICDRAMA.

The latest Link of icdrama is icdrama se

New Websites of Icdrama

icdrama.se -working URL

Alternative of icdrama

Sometimes, due to many issues the site may be down or unavailable. However, our entertainment could not stop. For this purpose, I going to provide some of the alternative sites to watch drama and shows as we do on icdrama. Here is the list of the some best alternative to icdrama website.


Azdrama is the best alternative to icdrama. Azdrama having all the features and content same as this site. This website has a simple and clear interface for easy navigation. This site provides shows and drama of different categories like romance, thriller, science fixation, animation and many more. This website having the requested feature which allows you to ask a drama or show if you do not find it here on the website. This website does not host any files and content. You will get all the content from the third party sites.

On this site, you do not need to do the registration. Moreover, you did not need to provide any personal details. You just go on the site and watch or download your favourite drama in a click. Moreover, you will get high-quality formats of drama and shows like 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4k. This site provides all the content in an arrangeable manner. So it is easy for you to find the right match for your interest. You can visit this site by using the link below.

2. NewasianTV

Newasian tv is the other alternative to icdrama. On this site, you will get the latest updated drama and series for free. This site gets the latest update and all the drama, movies and shows are updated as shown as they are released. This website also provides all the content in high quality. You can even download the movies, shows and drama in a click. This site having its own inbuilt media player. Moreover, the site is well arranged and all the drama and shows are listed with its all episode in a serial wise manner.

This site is the most trusted one in American and europian countries. Moreover, this site provides you with drama and shows of all the country. Even this site provide you with drama and shows in all category like a thriller, romance, science, horror and many other. On this site, you can watch the drama and shows in all quality. The link for the site is given below click Here to go on newasiantv.

About icdrama

This is the site which provides you with the latest and updated drama and shows. This is the best site for drama lovers. On this site, you will easily find out the drama of your interest. This is the content-sharing site. However, content on this site is copyrighted or public. Mainly this site deals with the recorded and pirated content. This is the best place for those who want to watch the drama in their free time. you can visit this site and search for your favourite content you like to watch. This site is similar to fzmovies, dramafever, bolly4u and many other sites.

icdrama se

How to filter your favourite drama?

you can easily filter and find your favourite drama ana shows in minutes. You just need to click on the filter button and select the category like drama, mystery, romance, thriller, horror etc. Even you can select the date and time. Moreover, you can filter your fav drama by selecting the country. This site makes all is so simple that you can filter and find your fav drama and shows and enjoy it within your comfort.

Does icdrama support request drama and shows?

Ans is yes ic drama support requesting drama and shows. You can use request drama button the left corner to request the drama and shows. You can only request the drama and show which was not available on the site. However, you can not request for quality. Requesting may take 1 week to able you content on-site form the day you requested.

If you can not able to wait you can use the alternative sites listed above to find the drama and shows of your choice.

Note: This content is for reference purposes only, and https://technoabout.com does not claim any title for this content.https://technoabout.com does not support or promote piracy in any way.

Is icdrama provide subtitles for the drama?

Yes, icdrama provide you with the subtitles for your drama and shows. But the point is that the subtitles are also provided by the original content provider. For some drama and shows, there are subtitles which even you can download and watch on your TVs, Pcs or mobiles.

Subtitles help us to easily understand the drama of other country and languages. You can click on the subtitles button present on the player. By clicking these subtitles start displaying on the screen.

Is icdrama is safe to use

Yes, icdrama is safe to use because this site does not ask for any personal details. For more security, you can even use VPNs to hide your identity. This site is also having the SSL certificate which makes it more secure and safe to use. Moreover, this site is not listed in any website blacklist services which show that this is safe till now. Even Google shows the result on the first page. Moreover, this site is virus-free as we have done the virus test on the Norton website check. It is safe from virus and malware.


Icdrama se, Icdrama is the site to watch and download the drama and shows of your choice. This site is 100% free to use and download the content on the go. you can watch the drama and shows in various quality and formats. On this site, there is no registration process. However, we do not support piracy and not in favour of breaking copyright law. So this article is for educational purpose and we do not support this site and other similar sites in any way. So, use the site at your own risk.

Legal Disclaimer – Technoabout.com does not verify the legality or security of any add-ons, apps or services mentioned on this site. Also, we do not promote, host or link to copyright-protected streams. We respect and follow country laws and copyright laws. We highly discourage piracy and strictly advise our readers to avoid it at all costs. Any mention of free streaming on our site is purely meant for copyright-free content that is available in the Public domain. Read our full disclaimer.

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