IPPB or India post payment bank is the banking service which was handled by the Indian post office.IPPB was introduced by PM Modi. It is an initiative taken by the government of India to make banks available to the doorstep of every people. This service of IPPB is available at 650 branches and 3,250 access point which will increase to 1.5 lakhs within the months.IPPB will work through a network of post offices and a large no of nearly 3 lakh postmen and Grameen Dak Sewaks.IPPB is a type of payment bank with the largest no of branches in the country or we say in the world. You know that India having the largest chain of post offices.

This service of IPPB was launched by PM Modi on 12th Jan 2017. Due to the huge opening, this service gets more coverage and people are excited to know about it. Indian post payment bank is a milestone in banking service for common people who are not able to even receive the normal banking services due to their locality. This service makes banking easy and accessible to all people of India. This service is nearly launched after the launching of the Airtel payment bank.IPPB(Indian post payment bank) is a Public limited company. This service of IPPB having the 100% equity which is provided by GOI.

In the IPPB scheme, your aadhar number (12 digit number) is the bank account number. This is great because in this modern India almost everyone having the aadhar card and they can open the account within minutes. And able to take the benefit of banking services. This payment bank service also provides you with a good rate of interest on the deposit you make.

What is the FULL FORM OF IPPB?

The full form of IPPB is India post payment bank.

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Services Provided By IPPB:

The IPPB provides various services with these services can be also be abled by other banks. But IPPB is the payment bank which provides with this great number of liability and services at your doorstep.DEPOSIT to net banking. yes IPPB net banking is also available for money transfer services. Here, we discuss the great no of banking services provided by IPPB(India post payment bank) in detail.

  1. Instant account opening: IPPB provides you with the facility to open your bank account at your doorstep you were able to open bank account instantly without a lot of paperwork you just need your aadhar card to open your bank accout.you can go to post office counter or ask doorstep account opening services. This is the simplest and most easy bank account opening scheme without any hassle. Any open age from 10 years can able to open the bank account. This encourages the small children to save money from their childhood which gives them a good way of living and good vibes never fails.
  2. Easy account Number: IPPB bank account number is as your 12 digit aadhar card number. This makes you remember this no easily and you can able to memorize it easily and it gives you 2 benefits in one. you know your aadhar number and your bank account number.
  3. 24×7 service and money transfer: IPPB provides you with easy money transfer facility. There is no holiday or strike because you were able to transfer money anytime you want it to be done.IPPB or India post payment bank give you service to transfer money instantly anytime-anywhere you want.
  4. Simple and Secure: The services of IPPB is secure and simple. This is the GOI initiative.IPPB gives you an easy and secure environment to deposit, transfer, withdrawal etc.so you can use the services of IPPB without any tension. Indian post payment bank is the Government scheme. This having a simple and easy way of services.so, every person can use it without any previous knowledge.
  5. Make an online payment: IPPB allows its customer to make payment of any type like electricity, mobile, DTH etc and You can also able to recharge mobile phones etc. You are also able to make payment to many other services.
  6. Aadhar Based Direct Benefit Transfer(DBT): You will get all your government subsidies and Benefit directly in your bank account. You do not need any document for the same. your IPPB number is essential to get all of your Benefits and subsidies.
  7. Easy Deposit and Withdrawal: You will easily deposit and do withdrawal without any hassle and you can save your time spending in big lines for withdrawal and deposit.


Every customer is important, every transaction significant 
and every deposit valuable.’

Aapka bank, aapke dwaar

Being the most accessible, approachable and conveniently located bank, IPPB is truly “Aapka bank, aapke dwaar”.

IPPB motto that every customer is important because it makes our banking system more strong and makes the flow of money in the economy more smoothly.so, we can go beyond the thinking in the field of development. It is most the thinking of PM Modi to make every person in the flow of the banking system.so every transaction is able to happen in the eyes of the government. This help in the elimination of Black Money. So we able to make “kala dhan mukt bharat”.


https://www.ippbonline.com/ is official web link you can use only this link to visit and do the transaction. Do not use any 3rd party link. It may be fraud link. Always see the sign to confirm the IPPB link is right or wrong as shown in the image. Always check the link before login in the India post bank online Login Account for any type of transaction. Be aware your awareness is the tool to defeat the fraud and phishing.

Contact Details of IPPB & tollfree Number of India post payment bank:

Toll Free Number of IPPB: 155299

E-mail Address: [email protected]

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HOW TO OPEN IPPB(India post payment bank) ACCOUNT?

To open IPPB account you have to visit the nearest post office or you can call and ask for doorstep account opening service by registering you details.A postman will come to open your bank account.PLease see the valid ID card before providing your details to any one.All the banking service is paperless.You can open your account easily without any hassle of bulk of documnets.you have to keep your aadhar card for opening your bank account.

Types of Account:

IPPB having different types of account which are as follows:





IPPB Doorstep banking benefits:

  • Account opening
  • Cash Deposits/Withdrawals:
    you can do cash withdrawals and deposit at your doorstep in comfort of your home. But there is a small charge for deposit and withdrawals at your doorstep which is 25 Rs per Transaction.
  • Pay your bill and payment like electricity, water, mobile, house tax, etc.
  • Money Transfer/Digital Transfer: you can do any Digital transfer at your doorstep by paying a small fee of 15 Rs per transaction.
  • You can change/Updating your PAN card, mobile number, QR card issuance, Take account statement etc.
  • You can also take benefit of third-party services at the comfort of your home like insurance, loan and also able to do investment at your doorstep.


This is the most important aspect when opening a bank account how much we will get the interest rate for depositing our money to the bank.IPPB having a different slab of interest based on the amount of money deposited in the account which is as follows:

  • Basically, 4% interest given per annum which was credited quarterly. (officially on the website)
    Not officially from a different source so you must confirm it with post bank upon or before opening your POSA(Post office saving account)
  • If you having 25000 average in your account you will get 4.5%
  • If you having an average of 25000-50000 then you will get 5% interest.
  • If your average is between 50000-100000 then you will get 5.5% interest per annum.

Some Important Features of IPPB:

  • Real-time fund transfer using NEFT, IBPS, UPI, USSD and AEPS.
  • No need for any minimum balance.
  • You can take out money free of cost from Punjab national bank and post office ATMs.
  • You will get your first debit card free of cost.
  • Doorstep banking.
  • Instant account verification using E-KYC with aadhar card.
  • The easy reachability post office is available in Pan India.
  • Easy and hassle-free services.
  • IPPB Net Banking
  • IPPB mobile Banking
  • IPPB SMS Banking
  • USSD Banking
  • Balance enquiry

Anyone can open IPPB(INDIA POST PAYMENT BANK ACCOUNT) having the age of year. you can open an account with the help of aadhar card. you can open SARAL bank account without the of KYC.you need to do KYC in SUGAM and safal account.

At last, provided every information related to IPPB or India POST payment bank or INDIAN Post bank account. f I unable to provide any details about IPPB Scheme please comment below I will appreciate your suggestion and ask for any query you have in your mind. Thanks for Reading India post bank article and I shared some my knowledge to you. you can share this article to everyone so that every Indian can have their own one bank account and save their money and get benefit directly into their account and take part in the t against corruption campaign, fight again black money campaign and take part in make in India campaign to make India more powerful.

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