Can you Imagine today life without computers? I think no one even thinks of this. When I say computer it not only means your personal computer or laptop. The word computer is a broad term it includes your mobile phone, tablet, Satellites, even calculators and so on the list is so big. If I go for it the whole article will be full of it. All the Digital Application Which uses a microprocessor and other Equipment Will called a computer. So all these are types of computer. In this article, I going to tell you about the classification of computer, Different types of computers and about everything you need to know about computers. In the past few decades, the size of the computer is reduced from the size of Room or even bigger to palm-size mobile.

Let’s start with the discovery of computers. The first computer was abacus Invented by William Oughtred in 1622. The first Machine computer/programmable computer was introduced by
Charles Babbage and called as the father of the computer. It introduced the first working mechanical computer in 1888.

types of computer


Computer can be classified or divided in 3 categories based on:

  • Based on Mechanism
  • Based on Purpose
  • Based on Size
Types of computer

Types of computer based on Mechanism:

  1. ANALOG COMPUTER: This computer is those computers which use analog signal to display information is called an analogue computer. This computer is used to measure heartbeat, blood pressure, temperature etc. It shows information in the form of curves which are displayed on the screen. They are considered to be fast in comparison to the other two types of computer.
  2. DIGITAL COMPUTER: Computer Which uses a binary digit to Display information is called a digital computer. This is a slow computer in comparison to the other two. This is used for personal purpose and information are displayed in the form of text, graphics and Images.
  3. HYBRID COMPUTER: This is a mixture of both analog and digital, the computer which uses binary and analogue both is called to be a hybrid computer. Speed of this type of computer is of intermediate speed. This type of computer display information in continuous and discrete form because it uses both analogue and digital signal.

Types of computer based on Purpose:

  1. GENERAL PURPOSE: The CPU for this computer is designed for a simple purpose. This is designed for a simple specific work like letter writing, Document creation, document printing etc.
  2. SPECIAL PURPOSE: The CPU for these computers are designed for Special purpose and they are designed for special work like weather monitoring, Satellite movement, health sector, Agriculture Research etc

Types of computer based on the Size:

  • SUPERCOMPUTER: This computer is the most powerful computers. It having more than one CPU and having the fastest speed. They are high-performance computers. It can handle my more than one person and it is big as a room. This is specific and specially designed for one or more work, they handle multiple works at once. Having a high-speed processing power to complete any work in minimum time. Its word length is 64bits. Supercomputer having Number of RISC processor.
    They are very expensive millions of rupees are invested to make a supercomputer, it generally used by organization or research sector. They are too big even some supercomputer accommodate the whole building. They are used for military research and development & testing of weapons, missile etc, protein analysis, DNA and RNA research, gene engineering, Satellite launching, Space shuttle launching and control, Decoding Intelligence input, for aircraft designing, used in seismography and plasma analysis,health research, Earthquake studying,Weather forecasting, nuclear weapons testing,space exploration and in many other field where fast data processing is required.
    World five hundred supercomputers run on the Linux operating system. Performance of a supercomputer is measured in FLOPS(floating point operation per second).super computer is introduced in the 1960s. The fastest supercomputer of this time is the IBM SUMMIT with FLOPS speed of 122.33 per second.HP is the largest vendor of a supercomputer with 143 supercomputers.
    List of the fastest supercomputer:
    1. 2018; IBM Summit122.3 PFLOPS; Oak Ridge, U.S.
    2. 2016; Sunway TaihuLight93.01 PFLOPS; Wuxi, China
    3. 2013; NUDT Tianhe-233.86 PFLOPS; Guangzhou, China
    4. 2012; Cray Titan17.59 PFLOPS; Oak Ridge, U.S
    5. 2012; IBM Sequoia17.17 PFLOPS; Livermore, U.S.
    6. 2011; Fujitsu K computer10.51 PFLOPS; Kobe, Japan
    7. 2010; Tianhe-IA2.566 PFLOPS; Tianjin, China
    8. 2009; Cray Jaguar1.759 PFLOPS; Oak Ridge, U.S.
    India also having supercomputers name of the INDIAN Supercomputer is PARAM, ANURAG, CRAY XMP /14, CDC-205 etc.
  • MAINFRAME COMPUTER: It is second to the supercomputer in performance, data storage, size and in cost. It is also expensive and used by the organization, bank, educational institute, air traffic control, marketing, Industrial design etc. A mainframe computer is the type of computer which stores a large amount of data and does it process a large amount of data in minimal time. This type of computer is kept in the AC room for making its performance for efficient. This type of computer support multi-user at a time, no of people can work at the same time.
    Example of a mainframe computer is Fujitsu’s ICL VME, Hitachi’s Z800 etc.
  • MINICOMPUTER: This is the less powerful than mainframe computer but more powerful than a microcomputer. This type of computer is specifically designed for specific work. This type of computer is costlier than microcomputer and support multi-user. This is used by a large organization and department of any company, controlling system, engineering analysis and control, industrial process monitoring, etc. This computer may have more than one CPU based on purpose and work.
    Example of the microcomputer is as follows K-202, IBM Midrange computers, Texas Instrument TI-990, SDS-92 etc
  • MICROCOMPUTER: This type of computer are used in our daily life like mobiles, tablets, notebook, phablets, desktop, laptop and many more. These are the most used computers, in today’s world everyone uses it and this is widely growing computers. This is the slowest of the other three and occupies very less space, even fit in the palm and these are the cheapest one also. These are specially made for personal use and used for programming, animation, office work, internet browsing, Graphic designing and many more. Laptop, gaming console, calculators, PDAs etc are the types of MIcrocomputer.IBM, DELL, HP, SONY etc manufacture this type of computer for personal use. The laptop was first introduced in the 1970s.

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