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Whatsapp status is nowadays really important. We regularly update our content so that u get updated WhatsApp status. It is the best way to show your feelings to your girlfriend, boyfriend, friends, family member or your loved ones. Whatsapp status is to show your emotions in the form of text. you show your love using love status, your attitude using attitude status, your friendship using friendship status. However, you can show you every felling using WhatsApp status.


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Fortunately, Whatsapp is Owned by facebook. Whatsapp is now part of life every one use it. In other words, whatsapp is mean of transport for our thoughts. Whatsapp allows us to chat freely and securely. The new trend of sending Whatsapp Status video or Video status for Whatsapp for showing felling more perfectly.

We having a good collection of WhatsApp status to show love. we having love status in English and also having love status in Hindi. we also have a good collection of Whatsapp Status in Hindi and Whatsapp status in English, friendship status. If you have done something wrong there are some of the sorry status. we also make you show your attitude using attitude status. we having a collection of status quo. Here, you also get Whatsapp Status quotes, along with Whatsapp status, funny WhatsApp status quotes. Similarly, you will get Status for Whatsapp.we to give u best WhatsApp status.

cute whatsapp status

Cute Whatsapp Status & Quotes

  • You are the best thing I saw in my life.
  • If you ever get jealous, think that I choose you in between from others.
  • I love to fight with u.
  • If I know the definition of love, you are my wiki.
  • A country of millions but I still want you.
  • I Want to be happy But I want to make you the reason.
  • She is my Girl the cutest thing a boy can say to others.
  • I got so excited and happy when you talk to me.
  • Thinking of you is like thinking of myself.
  • When everything felt wrong it’s only you who felt right.
  • I wish we are together or we are here or we are there but we always still together.
  • I am missing someone every time and that someone is you.
  • Every time I think of you I get again in love.
  • 10 million smiles but your smile are my favourites.
  • I love every breath I spend with you.
  • you are the best part of my life, I glad that I met you.
  • I not able to live my life without you, plz stay forever.
  • one kiss, one hug, one call, one text this all mean so much to me from my love.
  • your eyes are like twinkle stars.
  • My feeling never changes at any moment of time.
  • I want to finish my life with you
  • Life looks beautiful when U say my name.
  • Your love makes me energetic.
  • You are my life, my life is for you.
  • Every morning is perfect when I see your message.
  • my best alarm is your call which makes me feel wow.
  • I want you For whole life if not then for all the time I live my life.
  • Distance never make anyone stop loving and caring.


Cuteness is the charm of girl and boy.here, is the collection of cute status and quotes to share it with your friends, family member and your cute boyfriend & Girlfriend. We guarantee regular update of cute WhatsApp status. So u get this quotes and Whatsapp Status Regularly and Impress your loved ones.

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Every baby boy, a girl of human and animal all are so much cute and sweet. Even your boyfriend and girlfriend are so cut and sweet.you call them babu,baccha etc. So here is a collection of cute status to share it using WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media to make them feel how much cute they are for you.

love whatsapp status

Love Whatsapp Status & Quotes

Love is the most beautiful thing in this world. To impress your loved one. Here, we have a great collection of Love Whatsapp Status Quotes. You can now easily bring a smile on the face of your loved ones using this best love Status.here is the collection of updated and new WhatsApp love status. Love is difficult to explain and it is very difficult to express your feeling to one whom you love.so to help you I listed numbers of WhatsApp status to share on facebook etc to express your feeling easily.

  • love is invisible like current in the wire.
  • Dreaming of us and Thinking of you was my life.
  • I want to feel you forever, I get in love every time I saw you…
  • I just want my rest of life to spend with you and your feelings.
  • I am ready to make you my princess, just waiting for your valuable “yes”.
  • Love the one who was proud of having you.
  • I am proud to love you, you are my dream, my life and everything you imagine.
  • Take the lover you look you that you are out of the world or you are magic.
  • You never lose your love When you treat her like you still want to win her.
  • Love become dense by time not by force.
  • True love never hurt, it gives you support.
  • You are the best person I dream to meet.
  • Every love story is beautiful But our is the one everyone thinks to have.
  • With you, I fell home anywhere and everywhere.
  • loving the right person make your all dream come true.
  • My heart belongs to you.
  • someone who wants best from you is the best person for you. If I see you without a smile, I will make you smile or provide my smile to you.
  • True love is when you love someone before you touch them.
  • Love doesn’t mean your happiness, love just means happiness of the one you love.
  • You are everything I cared about.
  • I may be away from you but the first thing in my mind is you.
  • My life is imperfect without you.
  • love makes everything so beautiful.
  • I fall in love as I see you in front of my eyes.
  • No matter how much busy I am but for you, I am there at every moment.
  • In life, I need only you and your soul.
  • If you make me smile & laugh I am 99% in love with you.
  • True love comes back again and again.
  • My jealousy means I love and care you more than anyone.
  • I miss you the moment you leave although we spend the whole day together.
  • I am not Sharing you & you are all mine and mine.
  • To meet you was my destiny, To become your friend was choice, in love with you was out of my control.
  • love=respect+understanding+faith+care
  • Love me or not but I love you as I do today.
  • True love never dissolves and never go away.
  • Love, make your every day bright like the sun and your night filled with stars.

Love WhatsApp Status:

love is the gift of God. Here is the lovable collection of love status to show your love in the form of text to the person you love. if you want to show love? if you want to impress your partner? you are at right place here be to update the Whatsapp status regularly so that u get fresh love Whatsapp Status. Check this page regularly to update your self and make your love more strong by sharing this great Love WhatsApp status. You can make some changes to make this status more unique and you can also add some romantic words to make it look more natural.

Best Whatsapp Status

Best Whatsapp Status

Best Whatsapp Status & Quotes

  • Love your haters, they’re your biggest fans.
  • My home is Wherever You are.
  • My life is like an open book but no one is allowed to read it.
  • Life is too small to make happy everyone.
  • you can give happiness in free.
  • I hope you will Always in my life.
  • life gives the chance to meet many beautiful people but we need only one to spend our whole life.
  • Enjoy every moment of life no ones see tomorrow.
  • Having 1-2 good friend is good than having 100 bad friends.
  • Before judging anyone sees your self and thinks about yourself.
  • the moment never come you have to make every moment.
  • I am not useless, I will be used as a foul example.
  • Do you know why you like me? Because you are fleeing crazy too.

Best is the Word we all Love. We need best in our everything from small to big. So we provided a great collection of Stuff. Here you can modify this great Best Whatsapp Status to Share all Where and give everyone a good way to live there life .you can also use this too so your happiness. Best Way to show your Thinking to others. You can also find much other content on this page. We also Regularly add more content to make you never left with old ones. You can regularly visit this page or the notification to get regular update. You can on the notification to get a regular update to Whatsapp status.

Sad Whatsapp Status

Sad Whatsapp Status

Sad Whatsapp Status & Quotes

  • How to kill someone? Fill them with love, then leave.
  • pain is the only thing that makes me feel that I am alive.
  • Everyone ignores until they need you.
  • Every problem becomes small if you face it instead of douching them.
  • Never laugh at someone you do not know the condition they face in their life.
  • Sadness comes when close people hurt you.
  • I will feel sad without you.
  • the heart cannot explain the word tear.
  • Sometimes it is better you be alone because no one understands you.
  • life is not possible without sadness.
  • sadness and death are the real truth of life.

Sad Whatsapp Status Quotes:

Every person has a sad moment in their life. Sometimes we are sad because of yourself and sometimes due to our relative or loved ones. It happens much time that we are sad but no one knows that and we not get support so here is the list of sad WhatsApp status so that you can show your feeling to every person and get support and response from them.

you can check this sad status and modify it according to your condition.no matter how we live our lives and make our self strong enough to face the life but we can go from the situation of sadness and tension. this tension has to be shared to your friend and family .you can use this sad WhatsApp status to make your friend and family member know about your condition and make you feel happy .we regularly update this content so you get updated with sad status.

Funny Whatsapp Status

Funny Whatsapp Status

Funny Whatsapp Status & Quotes

  • Status Is Loading…
  • To see status drop your cell…
  • God make something so attractive…see me!!
  • Life is too short don’t waste it in removing your charger safely.
  • Thought of the day-Eat:Sleep:Enjoy:Sleep:Eat: Enjoy
  • Eat until you feel sleepy and sleep until your tummy says fill me.
  • Thousand of Mosquito Loves me they also feed me!!
  • you can’t buy love but you have to pay to keep with you.
  • My wallet is like a bomb if you touch it hurt you.
  • In school class preiod=10 min and lunch period=2hours.
  • My rule eats freely and pays securely.

Funny Whatsapp status:

Fun is the key to solve every problem. Here I shared a list of self-made funniest status which makes everyone think it and laughs as much they can. Bringing a smile on any face is the best gift to them and make them stress-free .you can modify this status to make them more attractive and funny. We can regularly add a new status to this list so you get more funny WhatsApp status and share it as WhatsApp status and also use it to send them a funny message in form of text. without fun, life is impossible because in this era of life be to have many problems and every single person is in the painful condition of stress.

To remove this stress you can use this funny WhatsApp status and share this to WhatsApp and facebook.you love to make everyone laugh? can u joke? can u make your buddy give a smile to you.if you say yes then you are at the right place? so check it out and see more status in future. You can also remove your stress by watching movies and shows.

you love to make everyone laugh? can u joke? can u make your buddy give a smile to you.if you say yes then you are at the right place? so check it out and see more status in future.

attitude whatsapp status

Attitude whatsapp Status & Quotes

  • I am Not bad I am worst in this world.
  • If You do not want to talk to me it’s your luck.
  • My style My life My rules
  • No one teaches her father
  • Don’t show me attitude if I show the same you will burn.
  • My LIfe who are you to teach me.
  • No one judge me.
  • I behave same way u behave with me.
  • No one tells me that I am wrong because I know I am right.
  • Face not tell your nature.
  • I will still be perfect, you love or hate me.
  • Loving me hating me is your choice and what I do is my choice.
  • Your attitude destroys not only you also your life and relations.
  • I am like a mirror If you love I will love you if you hate you get the same.
  • Success is the second face of attitude.
  • You will get the fruit you cultivate.
  • Attitude is an essential part of life.
  • Attitude makes you win you anyone But shows attitude in Quantity.
  • your skill shows your attitude.

Attitude Whatsapp Status:

Do you love Attitude? Do you want to show your thug life? Do you want to show your attitude towards someone? if your answer is yes then you are at right place.you will get best-handpicked Attitude WhatsApp status which you can share as here or you can make some changes to fit on you.this status are for boys and girls both because both have thug life and show their attitude to make them more superior. Attitude status is essential because we all have a different attitude at a different time. this status can suit anyone and this is a fantastic attitude status.

life whatsapp status

Life Whatsapp Status & Quotes

Here is the collection of Life WhatsApp status which makes you feel good and u can share it to Whatsapp group to make everyone think about the importance of life by reading this life WhatsApp status.life is the all about our birth to death. life having many faces some time good sometimes bad.life is full of question, problems, challenges but we have to fight with this all. Life also having happiness. joy, good time. Life never we same it always changes time to time.

  • Life is like a book u have to write it.
  • Life is like a path you have to move on it.
  • Enjoy the life as much u can because when it comes to ending no one nos.
  • Trust make your life simple.
  • Honesty Make you surrounded by people.
  • Live life on your rule.
  • Life has an expiry date Don’t waste it.
  • Life is Not possible without love.
  • Life and time never Stop.
  • Life depends on your work.
  • Quality of Life depends On your Quality of friendship.
  • Life Show you What you gain in past.
  • Life is about smiling and visiting a new place.
  • Life is to explore the world, relation and love.
  • Life starts with childhood and ends with Childhood.
  • Life = eat+explore+smile+love+sleep+spend+money.
  • No one is perfect in Life.
  • Life is about reality, not perfection.

Life Whatsapp Status quotes:

you can read above WhatsApp status quote or status quo and you can make some fine change to make it more unique and present it to your family and relative or you can put it to your WhatsApp status. So for what you are waiting, copy the status above and put it to your WhatsApp status so everyone can read it make their life more beautiful.

motivation whatsapp status

Motivational Whatsapp Status & Quotes

  • Your life will change if you will think positive and live positive.
  • Success means that never giving or taking any excuses.
  • Just because you are struggling, do not mean you are not in line.
  • always see the future, not the past.
  • It’s ne’er too late to dream another dream or set another goa
  • Always see up in the sky to up & up.
  • Never think of what others say about you think what you want to be in future.
  • Fulfil your dream by thinking about it again and again.
  • Know the difference in enjoying your life and destroying your future.
  • Trust Action, not the words.
  • Strength doesn’t-come back from physical capability. It comes from the associate unsubduable can.
  • All things are difficult before they get easy.
  • Stop spending your energy for them you not give you anything in return…
  • A ship is Always Safe at the shore, but that not what it’s built for.
  • Everyone is ready to win, few are prepared.
  • Life cannot stop anytime.
  • Train your mind to ready for every situation.
  • Nothing is impossible You just have to clam it.

Motivational Whatsapp status quotes:

Here we present a good collection of motivational status, lacking motivation make your life stand in the same position. It is important to make your life moving and it is an important factor for peoples action. Everyone needs the motivation to do something big in their life. This is the list of best-handpicked motivation WhatsApp status and quotes that make you feel motivated and also you share this status to FB, WhatsApp and to another platform to make others motivated.you can make some changes to make it perfect motivational WhatsApp status to be shared. We keep updating this list of motivational status so that u get new and fresh motivational WhatsApp status.

Inspiring Whatsapp Status
Inspiring Whatsapp Status

Inspiring Whatsapp Status & Quotes

Here we shared handpicked Whatsapp Inspirational Status on happiness,life,work,dream,achievements,friendship etc .we regularly update this status so you get new and fresh content on Inspirational Whatsapp Status.

  • You can not win from the person who never gives up.
  • A circle will decrease in size but increase in value.
  • Focus on what you need everything else is a distraction and making you unfocus from your goal.
  • Be actionable not always wordy.
  • keep going with time not see the clock.
  • Something may be hard but it not be impossible.
  • Focus on the goal, not on disturbing items.
  • you may be tired but think someone else is working on it again and again.
  • Success did not come by-chance it comes by giving your best to it.
  • To be a real champion, you have got to stay basic cognitive process in yourself even once others stop.
  • Always keep your feet on earth and eyes on space.
  • Aim for the sun you find the moon.
  • Make yourself shine like the sun, not like stars.
  • Keep going and going never see back anytime.
  • do not let anything intimidate you. you lead the pack.
  • God never makes you fail anytime.
  • Don’t judge me and my choices when you do not understand me.

Inspirational Whatsapp Status Quotes:

Inspiration to do something is a more important aspect to do any work in a perfect manner. Inspiration is an important part to achieve anything fastly without inspiration not able to complete any work perfectly and on time. inspiration is like fire to fuel you to do any task. Here is the list of Institutional Whatsapp status and quotes to make you inspired and make you complete your dream in minimal time. You can change this Inspirational WhatsApp status according to your taste and You can also share this Inspirational status to Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. Don’t wait makes your family and friend Inspired by sharing this WhatsApp Status.

Girls Whatsapp Status
Girls Whatsapp Status

Whatsapp Status For Girls

Here is the list of girls whatsapp status which make girls proud and make boys to respect them.You can see regular updated Girls Whatsapp status.You can make some changes and share this Girls Status to Every one in your contact.

  • Who are you to Judge me By seeing My clothes?
  • In life, I need Love from you!!
  • Girls are the backbone of society, respect them.
  • Girls are precious gems.
  • 1 girl,1000 boys become mine!!
  • My heart beats for my cute love.
  • Love is perfect when a girl makes it perfect.
  • For every new idea, the girl is responsible.
  • The girl is the mother of the world.
  • Girl rules the world.
  • Every success stories have a girl with them.

Girls Whatsapp Status and Quotes:

Girls are the backbone of any society we have to respect them also make them proud and also bring them in front.U know that now at every top position there is a girl. The girl is also now joining Army, Navy and airforce. Without girls we do not think of this world, they are the mother of our world. So you can share this wonderful Girls Whatsapp Status to Wonderfull Girls. This can also be shared by girls to tell others about girls. Make some changes to this Girls Whatsapp status to make them more unique, you can also add some crisp word to make it more bold and daring.

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